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Are you seeking help to create a business and lifestyle where the pursuit of excellence in your work is impactful, fulfilling and harmonious, where success is determined on your terms and where the path to greatness is as enjoyable as the destination itself?


You want your success to transcend mere financial gains; for you it’s about the lasting impact you make on the world.

You believe your true success will be achieved when your personal and business life are in perfect alignment, flowing effortlessly and thriving.



You want to embrace your authenticity, cultivate trust in the universe, and amplify your clarity and confidence in moving forwards.

Step into a transformative journey that will amplify your influence and magnify your legacy.  

When you start working with Louise, you will not only experience the wonder of intuitive coaching, but you will also step into a realm where time is your canvas, alignment is your compass, and your truest expression becomes the masterpiece of your journey.  

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There are no coincidences in life, just choices.

This is the opportunity you’ve always known was on your destined path. What is really stopping you from your vision to create a world where your empowerment is not just a goal, but your way of life. Are you ready to be the visionary leader you were born to be.


TrueSoul™ Unfold


A unique 1-1 coaching programme curated especially for you as a busy established business owner actively seeking support and spiritual growth that aligns with your path to building your version of a thriving business.

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TrueSoul™ Mastery


Your opportunity to master the fundamental principles upon which all transformative journeys for success in life and business are built - truth, trust and time. This programme is delivered in a perfect blend of both 1-1 and group coaching. 

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TrueSoul™ Readings


Treat yourself to regular divine guidance via oracle card readings coupled with intuitive coaching. Keep on track to creating your own extraordinary life and business success. Choose either a one-off reading, or enjoy 4 over the course of a year.

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Self-led TrueSoul™ Academy Online Courses Coming Soon!

Hi, I'm

 Louise Budgen,

After a motorway accident in 2014, I discovered my calling. It became evident during my own healing and transformation following the EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) treatment for PTSD. I felt fully guided during this time, aligned with my own success path, and pursued coach training with the ICF and quickly established a successful coaching business.

From my serene ZenDen in East Sussex, I am on a mission to elevate visionary leaders through intuitive coaching and energetics, providing them with timely guidance to create extraordinary lives and businesses via my in-person or online coaching programmes.

I am dedicated to serving dynamic entrepreneurial women who are driven by a higher purpose. Women who choose to not just work, but to answer a profound calling – a calling to inspire, uplift and ignite positive change first in their own life and then into the wider world.

I experience huge joy in my work, recognising my state of flow when channelling intuitive guidance for clients. Embracing diverse endeavours beyond coaching, I see all my work as positively contributing to impacting women and delivering exceptional transformational results.

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TrueSoul™ Readings are offered as a 12-month membership for business owners where you'll receive a 60 minute oracle card reading from Louise once per business quarter. It is tailored for those eager to receive divinely delivered messages at pivotal moments in their life and business.

Each TrueSoul™ Reading is a gateway to clarity unveiling the path and direction you’ve been seeking. With insightful guidance and profound understanding, each reading will empower you to navigate your life’s journey with more confidence, trust, knowing and purpose. 

You're merely a few questions away from unlocking the vitality and flow necessary to flourish in both life and business.

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Are You Awake Yet? Or Still Over Complicating Life?

The Power of Intuitive Spiritual Business Coaching: A Path of Trust...

The Hidden Benefits of Combining Spirituality with Business Coaching



My clients constantly achieve profound transformation with remarkable outcomes.

They amplify clarity, confidence, and self-trust, fostering elevated joy, gratitude, appreciation
and excitement across life domains.

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