Discover Extraordinary Business
Success, Alignment and Flow,


Dive into the TrueSoul™ Unfold experience now!

Discover Extraordinary 
Business Success,
Alignment and Flow,


Dive into the TrueSoul™ Unfold experience now!

Have you ever felt there's more to YOU and life, a deeper meaning waiting to be discovered?

TrueSoul™ Unfold
 is that bridge to a transformative understanding of truth, trust and time. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth or a shift in perspective, TrueSoul™ Unfold is your guide.


✓ Having the tools to create and maintain your life vision, always able to manage your energy and thoughts effectively.

✓ When faced with challenges, you'll view them as opportunities for growth.

✓ Living true to yourself and in harmony with your soul, you'll see life only through a lens of love and beauty, recognising its synchronicities and understanding that everything is unfolding to your advantage.

Life is full of different experiences

Life's challenges, from perimenopause to financial burdens, once weighed me down. But amidst the chaos, I found a beacon: my soul's calling.

Through TrueSoul™ Unfold, I want to share the path I discovered and have since successfully guided many others on too, to lead you towards your true destiny.

My own journey has been challenging and empowering. The belief that life's experiences serve as lessons for your soul's evolution adds a layer of depth and meaning to everything that happens in your life.

TrueSoul™ Unfold is a natural extension of my life philosophy and personal journey. I am proud to have created a powerful platform that aims to guide women in discovering their true selves, thereby supporting them to see challenges from a new perspective. Trusting in the "larger unfolding" of life brings about profound personal changes.

Come And Join Me In...

"If you are being called to create your version of extraordinary life success, to not settle for the ordinary, then TrueSoul™ Unfold is your answer.

It's all about listening to your inner voice, igniting and embracing your truth, embodying self-mastery and making your dreams a reality.

It's more than a programme, it's a Transformative Soul Experience and I can't wait to experience it with you!"


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Spend Six Months With Me...

The Truesoul™️ Unfold programme offers 18 one-to-one sessions alongside bespoke, self-directed tasks that tap into your unique business challenges and aspirations.

This programme is crafted to address your evolving needs, focusing on real-time exploration of areas requiring mastery for success and personal advancement.

With Unfold, you gain the ability to swiftly transform and apply crucial skills, fostering unwavering confidence and trust in your journey.  Each session acts as a stepping stone, enhancing your resilience and entrepreneurial spirit.

Unfold isn't just about acquiring deeper understanding of self; it's about embodying and evolving with every lesson learned and ultimately creating what you really want.

"...scaling my business beyond all expectations."

“Louise's calm, patient, intuitive and considered approach has empowered me to make the right decisions for me in both my personal life and my professional career, and as a result, I have overcome challenges and opened myself up to new opportunities whilst scaling my business beyond all expectations. If you are looking for someone to help make sense of your life and get to work on your biggest dreams - I recommend Louise 100%”.

Donna O'Toole, Founder of August Awards and Author of Win!


  • You are driven, with a deep unwavering desire to embrace your uniqueness.
  • You have a deep unwavering motivation to achieve more.
  • You're eager to learn how to savour every present moment of your life.
  • You want to create your own version of extraordinary success and impact in your business.
  • You are feeling called to step up for a more meaningful life experience and to serve.
  • You are more frightened by the prospect of ignoring your TRUTH than by the unknown challenges that could surface along the way.
  • You KNOW you are ready to do the inner work and step into your truest expression.
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"...she really understood me..."

"I recently spent a half day 1-2-1 business coaching session with Louise, in her beautiful ‘Zen Den’. I highly recommend her, she works so intuitively, she really understood me and what I wanted for my business. I benefited so much from this session with Louise and left with renewed clarity and direction."

Moya Slade, Founder of The Nest, Wellness Retreats for Women.

With the TrueSoul™ Unfold Programme, you'll experience...

A newfound sense of peace, becoming one with everything around you.

Decision-making filled with clarity and certainty.

Living fully in the present moment, appreciating life's beauty in vibrant detail.

Visioning life's hurdles before they appear, easily recognising when old habits are pulling you astray.

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" growth has been profound..."

"Working with Louise has been transformative - exceeding all expectations. Her insightful guidance is like having a spiritual bestie by my side, helping me uncover strengths and navigate challenges. She's been a stabilising force in my fast-paced world, skillfully prompting deep reflection and solutions. My spiritual and personal growth this year has been profound, boosting my confidence and clarity. Each session brings a newfound mastery and trust in myself. If you're looking for an intuitive, wise, experienced, confidential, unique Coach, one who will help you see the truth and potential of who you are - consider this your sign."

Katie Cooper, Coach

TrueSoul™ Unfold: Be Empowered

TrueSoul™ Unfold fosters self-awareness, trust and love, ensuring you navigate life with positivity and understanding. Distinctive in its approach, TrueSoul™ Unfold is born from years of hands-on experience with clients, celebrating the inherent potential in every female entrepreneur rather than confining them to a one-size-fits-all mould.

Just take a moment, listen to your soul whispers - only YOU will know the answer to this question!

Is it time to do this inner work?

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"Louise is truly inspirational..."

Louise has helped me gain clarity on what I want to achieve, encouraged me to see past events in a positive light which in turn has helped ignite my passion to succeed. My confidence has soared and for the first time in a while I feel I am making decisions and taking action that is progressing my business and having positive effects on my life in general. Louise is truly inspirational and a real joy to be with. I thoroughly recommend her coaching services, everyone needs Louise in their life!

Sharon Millar, Business & Life Coach