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Can you relate?

You’ve been successful in business and in achieving most of your goals to date.

You've loved delving into a myriad of self-help books, mindset strategies, business scaling courses, 1:1 and group coaching programmes.

You regularly listen to great podcasts, undertake holistic and spiritual practices like meditation and journaling.

You love to spend time in nature, are in sync with the moon, practice mindfulness and enjoy the occasional oracle reading. a nutshell, you are well tooled up!

You have always KNOWN you were born for more than the ordinary,
and now you are being called to create an EXTRAORDINARY business and become known as an EPIC ENTREPRENEUR of this time. 

You are being called to STOP wasting ANY MORE of your precious time and energy,  BUT you are unsure what your next step is! 

Your Soul is Calling You to Align!

If this resonates with you - you are in the right place to get started on your life mastery work. 

→ You may be experiencing a painful time in your current personal and professional life and have felt like this for a while.

→ This has left you feeling exhausted and uncertain. You know the answers come from within - but how do you access them?

→ You have invested time, money and energy into this next stage of your success but feel more stuck than you were and giving up on your dream seems a reasonable solution right now! 


Spiritual growth isn't a straightforward journey; it's a non-linear path of embracing all aspects of life. As a soul navigating the complexities of human existence, you are meant to encounter the full spectrum - the joys, struggles, and intricacies.

These experiences, often wrapped in challenging yet enriching circumstances, foster profound personal and spiritual development. 

Mastery is your personal launch pad to experiencing a life and creating a business full of gratitude and humility, enriched with abundance and fulfilment.

Change The Lens Of Your Life Forever

The journey to mastery is not for the faint-hearted, but choosing it, is worth every effort and a game changer - the lens of your life is enhanced FOREVER and you naturally experience the true meaning of life in your every day.


  • Feeling Free from the energy drainers and naysayers, and fully embracing your true self.
  • Experiencing unparalleled motivation and energetic flow, resulting in happiness flowing through both business and personal life.
  • Moving beyond societal expectations of how you 'should' appear or behave. 
  • Trusting in yourself, your decisions and actions, knowing that being genuine is more than sufficient.


 A transformative 12-week coach-led programme with 
one-to-one sessions, group coaching and self-led learning designed to guide you confidently beyond the known, connect you deeply with your soul's whispers, and propel you with ease and speed towards creating the business, success and life you really want
...without selling your soul.

 The TrueSoul™ Mastery Programme, is meticulously crafted to elevate you personally, spiritually and professionally.

Designed for ambitious established business owners ready to take themselves on a revealing, often uncomfortable journey and dive deep into a world of deepening self-awareness, embracing uncertainty to create the supercharged growth and unparalleled success they desire.

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Hi, I'm Louise

As someone inherently drawn to seeking truth, my life has been a richly woven tapestry of wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit.

Every experience - from diverse career explorations, extensive travel, family life, to renovating three properties - has been an integral thread in my personal journey.

Along this path, I've encountered formidable challenges that have prompted me to reassess and realign my life's direction with the subtle yet profound insights from my soul and the guiding light of my intuition.

Embracing my own divine messages has been crucial to both my survival and growth on numerous occasions.

With this newfound enlightenment, I embarked on a fresh start, retraining as an ICF Coach in 2014 and have since worked with hundreds of entrepreneurial women, helping them one-on-one to navigate their unique success path.

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 TrueSoul™ Mastery Programme

  • 12-Week Self-Mastery Journey: A life-changing experience that will inspire you to take soul-aligned action. It’s a reset and chance to rejuvenate your life with newfound powerful energy and passion.

  • One-to-One and Group Coaching Sessions: The programme includes 3x one-to-one coaching sessions with me as well as 6x weekly live online group coaching sessions so that you can benefit from personalised guidance as well as essential peer-to-peer support. This comprehensive blend with help you to get to work on yourself quickly and with purpose, find your flow and flourish.

  • TrueSoul™ Mastery Self-led Tasks:  3x monthly tasks - each complimented by a supportive video to guide you every step of the way and get the most from each task.

  • Bespoke Reading List: Enhance your future growth journey with a curated list of readings tailored for your continuous development.

  • Intuitive Coaching: Experience the powerful, intuitive guidance of a Spiritual Business Coach in every session, ensuring a fun, invaluable, personalised and impactful 12 week journey together. 


Bonus Package!

For all programme applications received before
the end of March 2024 you will also receive...

  • Exclusive TrueSoul™ Readings Membership Access: You'll have the privilege of receiving two 60-minute Oracle Card Readings over the next six months. These readings are part of the TrueSoul™ experience, designed to provide deeper insights and guidance. VALUE £294

  • Lifetime Access to TrueSoul™ Facebook Group - be the first to know about free trainings, on-line and in-person events, new offers and invitations to The TrueSoul™ Stage. PRICELESS!


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"...with Louise's help, life's going to be great..."

I excel at empowering people around me but appear to have lost the knack of doing so for myself.  At the same time, I do feel drawn to a better way of being - and I know it's no coincidence that I've found Louise. 

I absolutely know Louise is helping me channel this quiet confidence into being kinder to myself.  I know I have a lot of work to do before I emerge fully in my second act.  I also know, with Louise's help, life's going to be great when I do.

KBP, London

"... this is the sign you were waiting for!"

I can not recommend working with Louise enough. 
Her skill and intuitive style in asking deep questions effortlessly guides me towards looking at the solution. 

My spiritual development has been amazing; I am far more confident in my gifts and how to manage them effectively and now actively embrace using them. 

If you are reading this testimonial now, this is the sign you were waiting for!  Just do it and work with Louise.

Katie Cooper, Coach

"My confidence has soared & I'm taking action..."

My experience of coaching with Louise is simply amazing. She combines genuine warmth and empathy with her intuitive, supportive and confident coaching style.

She has ignited my passion to succeed, my confidence has soared and I am making decisions and taking action that is positively progressing my business.

Louise is truly inspirational and a real joy to be with and I thoroughly recommend her coaching services!

Sharon Millar, Business & Life Coach

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