Are You Awake Yet? Or Still Over Complicating Life?

What Are You Genuinely Seeking? Where Are You Really
Sometimes we chase material goals, like financial success or new possessions, thinking they will satisfy us. However, often our true desires might be simpler and more emotional or spiritual, like peace or connection, which we might only discover through quiet reflection and stillness. This presents a continuous journey of exploring what truly brings us happiness and meaning.

At our core, we all yearn for happiness, harmonious relationships in all areas of our lives, and the gift of greeting each day with joy, peace, and a profound sense of belonging. Yet, why, as humans, do we seemingly complicate this quest? We design ridiculous, overwhelming, stressful, unhappy lives run by our own “to-do” lists, inadvertently eroding precious time that could be devoted to our “to-be” list.

Time, Regret, and the Value of Conscious Living

Many people, in life's latter stages, ponder about time and wish they had used it more wisely. Given that time is irreplaceable, it prompts a question for us all: How do we make sure we're not wasting our moments? To avoid future regret and negative energy, it's valuable to regularly check if we're spending our time on activities, people, and places that truly match our values and bring us joy. Consciously choosing how we spend our time not only makes our present days and relationships more meaningful but also builds a future without regrets.

The Profound Simplicity of "Just Being"

A profound truth often overlooked in the busy lives we create is this: happiness often resides in the simplicity of “just being.” I love to help others discover 'The Creation Of Quiet Power’ as a step in their spiritual journey. The simplicity, seen by watching the sun at dawn and dusk, the bountiful change of seasons, the Moon shining so brightly, and the constant rhythm of the sea all serve as a reminder that a fulfilling life hinges on embracing this inherent simplicity and aligning with it in our endeavours and aspirations.

This alignment with simplicity can indeed be a powerful guide in our journey toward self-love and spiritual contentment. It is often in the observing and learning from nature’s rhythms - like the consistency of waves, whether crashing powerfully or gently caressing the shore before retreating back into the oneness of the sea, that illuminate the simple but super valuable lessons of ‘just being’. As waves surrender to the tide consistently, we too, as humans, can find beauty in the power of consistently releasing all manner of ‘human stuff and nonsense’ we allow to exist and pollute our daily lives.

Nature's Rhythms: Lessons in Simplicity and Release

I love to observe the rhythms of nature, fully embracing all the seasons, and recognising my part in this unified existence enables me to connect to a clearer understanding of my true self and how I wish to inhabit this often magical world. Nature has a phenomenal power to support, heal and change you in an invisible yet so beautiful and positive powerful way - it is one of the magical elements of life for me. If ever I am feeling out of sorts then nature is my go to place for rebalancing and rebooting.

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey: The Extraordinary Path

When you open yourselves up to connect to this broader unity, this oneness, a spiritual journey begins to unfold, ready to transform you and your lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary. This step into the unknown parts of yourself and the universe is indeed a journey, one that engages a new thrilling energy that permeates every aspect of your being and future endeavours.

Are you excited?

The growing excitement about discussions that see our life as more than just our physical world is really inspiring. This future time will apparently offer a new way of living, where we naturally feel more together and look after each other more. Would it not be unwise to neglect deepening your understanding of yourself, vibrational frequencies, and energy amidst such pivotal times?

Numerous individuals, like myself sparked by enormous spiritual curiosity and various catalysts, have embarked on our own awakenings and, in turn, become spiritual teachers to those still searching. Aiding others in shifting their perceptions and encouraging them to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery is a calling. This is my future and more than likely yours too! Developing the gifts we were born with to potentially realise our designated paths within this lifetime creates a wonderful infinite ripple effect and raises the vibrational frequency for all.

Simplifying Life for Oneness and Happiness

Embracing a more soul led approach to life is available to everyone, and in establishing a harmonious existence you facilitate not only your spiritual growth but a connection to your sense of purpose.

Human tendency is to over complicate everything, maintaining simplicity is the key to oneness and happiness. You can manifest the life you desire, and enjoy the path ahead which is already aligned with your highest self.

In my opinion, first though, you need to master three simple tasks, they offer you the keys to access and activate yourself onto the path you were born for, they are;

  1. The Creation of Quiet Power
  2. Picking Up Your Magic Wand
  3. All that is - Your New Life Lens

For 3 short videos on mastering these simple tasks click here, and details on how I can help you further, please click here.

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