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Enjoy the exploration of being human, cultivate personal growth and elevated self-awareness in uncharted realms.

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Tap into your uniqueness,  reveal the truth of you and release the pure potential which resides within you.

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Shift your outlook, be open and embrace the infinite possibilities ahead and revolutionise your engagement with life.

Meet Louise Budgen

Louise Budgen, an experienced spiritual business coach, is passionately committed to guiding purpose-driven entrepreneurs to align with their truth and their soul's mission. Her focus is on uplifting visionary leaders using intuitive coaching and personal energetics, enabling them to achieve both the financial success and meaningful impact they aspire to.

"I'm eager to show you my proven way to rise above life's distractions and self-doubt, to unveil your latent potential, and to guide you to start living as your most authentic self and joining your unique success path." 

Louise Budgen

'Unlock Your True Self’ -  3 Part Video Series

Video 1: The Truth Of You 

Discover the transformative power of honesty and self-reflection, as you delve into the profound relationship between truth and your personal journey. 

Video 2: Trust And You

Explore and assess your current stance on trust and understand its pivotal role to this point and with mastery -  its positive impact on your future life.

Video 3: What You Really Want

Start actively shaping all your desires into reality, allow the mastery of time to guide you to making conscious choices that align fully with your true self.


What Others Say



“Working with Louise was a game changer for me.  As if I flicked a switch. I became motivated, energised and on a personal note free and in flow. I loved my time with Louise, she is authentic, talented and spiritual.

Bev Nibbs, Hypnotheraphy Health




“After working with Louise, I have a very different mindset and thanks to Louise I now have the mental tools, I am stronger, more confident and know I can succeed on anything I put my mind to.

Sally Stride, Cheltenham



“ Louise enables you to see and become your best self through intuitive and sometimes challenging coaching, mixed with magic!"

Sue Chappell, Reflexologist and Reiki Master



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